Why Homework Should Be Banned: An Interesting Opinion

A lot has happened in the world of academic over the decades. Some are good and some are definitely in bad taste. In the same breath, there are things which still take place in the world of academic which we perceive as either legal or illegal and in the process, a raging debate on some of these issues is what we often end up either as students or teachers. Sometimes, parents too are dragged into the melee. Take for instance the question of assignments or in other words, homework. Well, if you walk straight into a classroom and asked students how many of them do not like assignments, I am sure a whooping percentage will respond in approval.

Assignments, in as much as they have helped many learners across the world improve on their grades, have equally left bitter taste in many mouths and the question is, what is everyone doing about it? Are you of the opinion that homework should be banned or you are at ease with partaking on it, thanks to aspects like homework help online which has seen virtually all students around the world seek help from third parties whenever they have some task going on? Before I take you through reasons why some players in academia think homework should be banned, take a look at the following:

  • How have you been able to benefit from doing assignments? This is a question which is sure to elicit a lot of reactions, most of which interesting, either on the contrary or for it. If say assignments have immensely improved your grades, you certainly must have benefited from a great homework helper and so see no need of it getting banned.
  • Do you have a good grasp of the course you are taking? In other words, do you perform well in say mathematics? If not, how many times have you sought quick homework help on it to get things done and benefited? The issue here is that while assignments are technically disliked by many students, seeking third parties to help out is increasingly becoming the norm lately.
  • Do you think curriculum should be devoid of assignments and what are some of your reasons? Well, while there are divided opinions on this and that homework help is always an option of last resort, this post examines some reasons why assignments should be banned. Take a look below for more insights on this issue.

Students need time to rest
A good number of experts argue that what is supposed to be done at school should remain within the confines of a learning institution. On this premise, assignments should be done away with. While homework has in many ways helped students improve on their areas of weakness, expert opinions based on such issues as time for resting have become popular. They further argue that students who are allowed to rest when at home tend to be brighter and as such get higher grades at school. Resting while at home has also been linked to allowing students recover from brain congestion attributed to lots of work going on at school.

They are not necessary
Another version of why assignments should be abolished is that they are necessary. Expert in this bracket of argument postulate that homework is not necessary, if fact to them, such tasks don’t have an impact on a student’s performance.

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